How to Look for a Dog Walker

Over the previous years, professional dog walking has rapidly grown. A lot of dog lovers enter the industry each day. However, since dog walking is a new industry, almost every dog owner does not know that there are currently no regulations to order the qualifications for the job or standards of care. To make things simple, any person can call themselves a dog walker.  

However, walking dogs takes more than passion. There are ethical business practices, unique skill sets, and knowledge that are required to guarantee the safety of your dog in the care of the walker.  

Here are several things to look for when searching for a dog walker Milwaukie. 

A Backup System 

People get sick. They get locked out. Dogs runoff. Whenever these issues happen, what plans does your dog walker have in mind that will fix those annoying issues? This is a subject that you’ve got to talk about.  

One advantage that you’ll get whenever you work with a dog walking company is that you are spending your money on a management system. What is the management system if you are going to hire a smaller firm or a solo dog walker? You should know that problems happen when you least expect it. You should always ask about their backup plan before you hire them. 

A Reasonable Schedule 

A dog walker who is full of pet care tasks is not going to be able to provide 100% to your pet. Thus, you should always know the workload of your dog walker.  

Whenever people are working more than 70 hours every week, they will make errors. That is why you should ask the dog walker about his/her usual errors that he/she has done in the past and how he/she did fix it. This is to know whether there is a balance.  

It is best that you work with a dog walking company. The reason for this is that a solo dog walker typically does not have a contingency plan. 

Communicate Effectively 

The key here is an open stream of communication. Is the dog walker easy to contact? That should be the first thing you have to consider. Also, you have to ensure that you feel at ease while communicating with the dog walker about any problems related to the tasks. 

A Good Resume 

An excellent practice that you can do is to ask for a resume. It can either be a pet-related or non-pet related resume. This can certainly help you get a better idea of who the dog walker really is. To confirm employment, you should contact past employers listed on the resume. You should also check their digital presence on social media.  

The Love for Pet 

As a pet owner, you really love your pet. That is why you should make sure that the dog walker has the same love whenever they get to know your dog. An excellent trait to see is a natural connection with pets. Make sure they are curious, joyful, and playful.